Teacher Spotlight


By Mallory Smith, Journalism I

Mrs. Amy Cannon was chosen as this week’s middle school teacher spotlight. She is a seventh grade math teacher, and the Seminole County Green Machine Lady Chiefs and majorette coach. I asked Mrs. Cannon a few questions,  and the first question I asked her was. “ Why did you become a teacher?”  Her response was,  “I became a teacher kind of by chance. It was not the profession I thought I would be in. Truthfully, I wanted to be a pharmacist.  That was always my dream; however,  while helping with recreation cheerleading one season; I found that I liked working with kids, teaching them new things,  and watching them learn. A family member of one of the squad members, who was an educator, urged me to go to college and get my teaching degree. It was the best decision I could have made for myself. As a non- traditional college student, I faced many challenges during the road to my degree that I believe have made me stronger as a person and educator.”  The next question I asked Mrs. Cannon was,  “Why do you teach math?” She responded with,   “I teach math because it has always been the subject I enjoyed the most. I could (most of the time) easily understand math problems. My hope is that I can find ways to help students understand math and make it relate more to the real world. I like working with numbers and formulas and knowing that when I finish a problem, there is (at least in 6-8th grade math) an exact answer.” I asked Mrs. Cannon  to share some fun facts about herself,  and here are some fun things about her. She loves to craft and make homemade projects. She also added, “I love animals, especially cats, but I am allergic to them, and I do not like cold weather!”

 I have never had Mrs. Cannon as a teacher, but she has helped with the band all four years I have been on the majorette line.  She is an excellent coach and loves to see students improve. She is willing to  help in any way she can. Thank you, Mrs. Cannon, for working for this school and all you do!