Teacher Spotlight

Mr. Jordan Arline - Teacher Spotlight

By Katelyn Greenstein, Journalism I

This week’s teacher spotlight is Mr. Jordan Arline. Mr. Arline teaches 10th Grade world history as well as  American Government, and Economics. Mr. Arline attended three colleges:  Albany State, Troy State, and Bainbridge College. When I asked Mr. Arline why he started teaching, he said,  “I started teaching because I want to give students the education that they deserve.” I also asked Mr. Arline about his hobbies.  Mr. Arline said he loves to read and write poetry. I followed that question by asking about his favorite teaching memory.  He replied,  “My favorite memory is helping students who are not on track to graduate, those who have little or no support system, to reach the goal of graduating from high school. Helping these students to reach goals and achieve levels that they hadn’t previously reached is everything to me.” 

Mr. Arline is a Seminole County graduate and has done some very cool projects with his classes, such as the agora his now seniors created. When I asked Mr. Arline what his most embarrassing story in his teaching years was, he said, “One year, at a different school that I was teaching at,  I was coaching baseball and we were winning ten to nothing; then in the blink of an eye, we lost 14 to 10.  That was the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to me.” Mr. Arline no longer coaches baseball, but he coaches his students in life skills every day. Mr. Arline teaches seniors things they  will actually use in the future and pushes them to exceed their limits. 

Mr. Jordan Arline, thank you for being a teacher that we can go and talk to no matter what; we love you and appreciate everything you do!