Today, after a very long time without a pep rally, the student body of SCMHS enjoyed a great time of school spirit and fun.  Today marked a new era in pep rallies for our school - the cheerleaders set the bar high today with one of the most awesome pep rallies ever.

Here is what the students said after the event:

Ashlee:  The pep rally made me feel better and made my day turn around. I really felt  the school spirit and all the love the students have for each other.


Gabe:  The pep rally was one of the coolest pep rallies I have ever been to because everyone was lit and turnt unlike the other ones last year. I was dancing to the tiktok dancing and got on my friend’s shoulders and ran into the middle and jumped up and down. Overall it was the best pep rally I have ever been to.  

Monqueza:  The pep rally was awesome and fun. Everyone had good energy, vibes. The band, cheerleaders, football team, and everyone else showed their school spirit. We need more events  like that where everyone comes together to have fun with each other. They did a good job playing the pep rally - everyone was smiling,dancing, screaming, laughing: it was just awesome.

Hugh: It was great! SCHS is the best school around

Elizabeth:  The pep rally was really amazing today! There were so many things happening.All of us were loud and we were all happy, laughing.I think that this year is the best year. Cheerleaders lead in very loud chants and dance moves intended to get the student body excited. I really love to be an Indian 4life!

Kabrelle:  That pep rally was awesome and I loved it so much. It was more awesome than all the other rallies. This pep rally really shows what this year is about. I have really enjoyed this year and love it soooo much. This was the best year - thank you for this year!

The students were brought to the pep rally by the drumline who marched through the halls making everyone feel the thumping of the Indian Pride as they followed them to the gym.  The Seniors made a great entrance through the fog, and spotlight shining on them with Prince's song "Let's Go (Glow) Crazy" piping through the speakers.  The pep rally then consisted of glow in the dark dance routines by the cheerleaders, passionate messages on video from alumni who shared what it means to be an Indian, and students letting out their emotion and tight bond of being an Indian.  Our students are the best and they showed it off today for everyone to see.   

The Seniors did win the Spirit Stick and the 6th grade and Sophomore classes won the Tik-Tok dance contest.  The cheerleaders were great sports as each cheerleader had a pie thrown in their face.

Thank you to our cheerleaders and cheerleading coaches and booster club parents for helping make this a successful and very memorable pep rally.  It is truly GREAT TO BE AN INDIAN!