Teacher Spotlight

Teacher Spotlight:  Mrs. Gay Williams

     Mrs. Gay Williams was chosen as teacher spotlight this week. Mrs. Gay teaches 8th grade honors physical science, 10th grade biology, and 12th grade anatomy. I asked Mrs. Gay why she started teaching.  Mrs. Gay’s response was, “I wanted to help ensure that students got what they needed to be successful in the future as a result of  beneficial education.” What are your hobbies? “Reading. I love to read.” What is your favorite memory about teaching? “My favorite memory is the “aha” moment on the kids’ faces when the information finally clicks and they understand the information.” What college or colleges did you attend? “I went to Troy University to get my Bachelor’s Degree, and I went to Georgia Southwestern for my Master’s.” What is your most embarrassing story about teaching? “About two years ago,  I tripped on the cords behind my desk and one moment my class saw me walking the next,  I’m face to face with the floor.  I face-planted in the middle of class, and the only person to check and make sure I was okay was Clayton Burch. (Good job, Clayton!)  I think that is the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to me.” Mrs. Gay’s class is honestly the most interesting and enjoyable class I’ve had, and I’m actually learning and loving it. Thank you Mrs. Gay for your time and teaching us in a way we understand!!!

By Katelyn Greenstein - Journalism I