Graduation Rate

The Seminole County 2022 graduation rate has respectfully increased to the highest graduation rate in Southwest Georgia, outperforming all fourteen school systems that makeup the Southwest Georgia region. 

The Seminole County High School graduation rate has hit a new high, with 93.9% of the Class of 2022  earning a high school diploma in four years. The SCHS graduation rate has steadily increased over the past four years from 86.5% in 2019 to 93.9% in 2022 and continues to exceed the state average of 84.1%, according to the Georgia Department of Education. 

“We are proud of every student who graduates and achieves this important accomplishment,” Principal Shane Purdy said.  “Our increasing graduation rate is a testament to the dedication of our teachers and staff, our students’ families, and our community partners and volunteers. We truly are the best school in Southwest Georgia.”  

Increasing the graduation rate is a top priority in Seminole County School System’s  strategic plan, with efforts focused on identifying new ways to ensure students remain engaged in learning and graduate prepared for future success. 

"Congratulations to our students, parents, teachers, and leaders for their hard work,” said Mark Earnest, superintendent of the Seminole County School System. “I am proud of the continued efforts of our high school team to ensure our students achieve this very important milestone.  The 2022 graduation rates represent the highest graduation rates experienced in the Seminole County School System in the last five years.”