We are beginning our summer cleaning of the schools. Assorted items have been determined to be unworthy of our typical capital asset procedure of advertising and accepting sealed bids. Items include, books, old technology, desks, chairs, etc. Therefore, prior to dumping the items, we are offering them to be sold to the highest offer. Items to be disposed of will be open for viewing on Wednesday, June 8th at 10:00 AM.  Our maintenance director, Lemanuel Jones, will show the items to anyone interested. He will meet with you at the board office located on 203 East 6th Street, Donalsonville at 10:00 AM to begin the tour. Please note, items will be grouped together. All items in the group must be taken from the premises. Only cash will be accepted at the board of education. Items will be released by presenting a paid BOE receipt to Mr. Jones.