Ga Tray of the Week

Seminole County Homemade Tenders win the GA Tray of the Week Campaign! 

The Georgia Tray of the Week Campaign is a year-long school meal promotional activity which highlights the high-quality school meals served in Georgia. Photos are submitted across the state on social media of trays with the #GATrayoftheWeek. The campaign provides a space where School Nutrition Programs, regardless of size, can find an outlet to celebrate the work of every Georgia School Nutrition Professional. The State Agency selects six meal photos from the prior week to highlight starting Monday. The official vote count comes from Facebook "likes" or "loves"  and by Friday at 8:00am the winner with the most votes is announced. 

Ivey McLendon, School Nutrition Director said, "I am very excited that we won this week. We try to submit photos weekly for the campaign and we have been chosen as the weekly tray many times but never won. This tray is a great one to win with as we take pride in our fresh homemade tenders. This tray also spotlights our fresh produce with the squash and strawberries that we work hard during the summer to put up to use throughout the school year. I am proud of our ladies for the great job they do everyday providing quality meals for our students."