Title I/Supplementary Educational Services/FLP

Supplemental Educational Services Participation Summary

For a copy of our SES Participation Summary, please click here.

Revised CLIP Statement for 2015

Revised CLIP (SY 15) All parents of Title I students have the opportunity to be involved in the planning, revision, and implementation of parental involvement activities, school improvement plans, the LEA's CLIP, Schoolwide plan, and FLP. Parents also have the opportunity to offer input regarding the 1% required parental involvement activities. If you would like to participate in any of these activities, send a request via email to chamilto@seminole.k12.ga.us or call 22-524-2433 ext. 7107. A copy of the Revised CLIP Statement can be downloaded below.

Supplemental Educational Services (SES) (Free Tutoring) Statistics

Choice and Supplemental Educational Services (SES)

August 9, 2013

Supplemental Educational Services (SES) are no longer available for the Seminole County Title I Schools (Seminole County Elementary and Seminole County Middle/High School). If additional information is needed about Title I please contact Mrs. Corene Hamilton at 229-524-2433 or e-mail chamilto@seminole.k12.ga.us

Supplemental Education Services (SES free tutoring is available for students who attend a Needs Improvement school and who receive free or reduced meals. A list of SES providers will be mailed (twice a year) to student’s homes and parents may select a provider and return the completed request for Supplement Educational Services form (see top of page) to Seminole County Middle/High School,5582 Highway 39 South, Donalsonville, Georgia 39845, fax 229-524-5178 or e-mail to krichardson@seminole.k12.ga.us Seminole County Elementary School, 800 South Marianna Hwy, Donalsonville, Georgia 39845, fax 229-524-8638 or rpierce@seminole.k12.ga.us Click here for a list of state approved SES providers.

Title I Supplementary Educational Services for SY 2016

The following chart lists service providers approved by the Georgia Department of Education with a brief description of their services and requirements. They have been approved by the Georgia Department of Education to provide Supplementary Educational Services to students in Seminole County Middle/High School. Information about rights and responsibilities of parents of eligible students is contained in the cover letter attached. Additional information and requirements are available from the contacts by telephone, e-mail, or Internet websites listed. The system will sponsor a Provider Fair to enable parents to meet representatives of the companies and obtain additional information; however, not all vendors attend such events. Parents interested in specific providers are responsible for contacting the provider for complete information in order to make an informed decision.

Any SCMHS student eligible for free or reduced price lunches is eligible for these after-school tutorial services for reading/language arts and mathematics. The ratio of students to teachers is limited to 8 to 1. Some vendors provide web-based instruction.

Seminole County Schools has for a number of years provided after-school remediation classes for any student needing additional help in reading/language arts or math. Class sizes have been limited to 12 students for each teacher. The system continues to provide these classes as an option.

Parents of eligible students may select from any of these options.

If any of the following providers are selected, service may be offered only if conditions specified by the provider are met. For example, some require Internet access. Most require a minimum number of students to enroll to offer classes.

Parents of eligible students interested in receiving services from SES vendors should register using the registration form provided. Completed forms should be submitted to the guidance office at Seminole County Middle/High School no later than September 5, 2008, to plan for services.

For a list of providers, click here.