The Seminole County Schools’ Gifted Program recognizes that our students have unique needs and that it is our responsibility to help them maximize their potential and prepare them to become successful, contributing members of society. The mission of the Gifted Program is to maximize the potential of gifted students by providing programs and services that accommodate these differences, including curriculum responsive to individual learning rates, styles, and complexity.

Program Goals
Seminole County Schools strives to:

  • Meet the learning needs of gifted students through use of a curriculum that provides opportunities for research and the development of critical and creative thinking skills
  • Identify and nurture strengths and potential in our students through the use of a continuum of services
  • Enhance the skills of teachers who work with gifted children in order to provide for their needs more fully

Professional Learning

Seminole County Schools offers a yearly Gifted Cohort for gifted endorsement through RESA. The gifted endorsement program follows the PSC state and local regulations. Additional professional learning opportunities are offered throughout the school year.